The A Team

The Founder

About Arthur Gannaban

A Team Academy’s founder, the 5-time national award-winning, dynamic speaker and debater Arthur, is a highly sought after speech-debate coach. He shares powerful stories and experiences that come with life-transforming  lessons. 

From being a coach at various schools to being an actor for an Oscar-nominated film and commercial model of Android One, or from being in a team that developed an online university to organizing various national and international competitions, Arthur believes that we learn the most from experience and having the right mentors.  

With more than 12 years of experience in public speaking at competitions, events, concerts, debate tournaments, youth groups and 10  years of leadership from president of the student council at his high school to pioneering organizations at his university, Arthur hopes  to motivate, inspire and use his life to provide as many platforms for the next generation.

He’s also the founder of AcadEvent, A Team Talents, A Team Tutor and other start-ups. In his passion of training the next generation of world changers through means of public speaking, debate and leadership training, he along with the A Team Academy believe that these activities and platforms will change their lives the way it changed theirs.